About Onyeali Onyeberechi

Onyeali Onyeberechi’s career has been a unique toggle between the sciences and arts. From his education to his career, he has demonstrated a capacity to use both sides of his brain to solve complex problems and create solutions for a variety of issues. He studied electrical engineering at Dartmouth College before completing a Bachelor of Arts in English at Morgan State University.

Upon completing his education, Onyeali Onyeberechi worked at the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation, where he continued to use his skills as an editor and administrative assistant. While at the International Finance Corporation, Onyeali  Onyeberechi provided support to key executives across various business departments. In addition to conducting research used for documents and meetings, Onyeali Onyeberechi edited, proofread, and prepared correspondence for management.

Onyeali Onyeberechi’s next position was with Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes. As a Teaching Clinician, he provided comprehensive diagnosis and treatment to clients with learning disabilities. He coordinated and implemented a curriculum, wrote extensive notes, and played a vital role in student achievement. Onyeali Onyeberechi gained extensive knowledge and experience that guided him in his role as the President of Onyeberechi Education Services. He is currently an Educational Specialist and Tutor where he provides one-on-one tutoring to middle school students.

Onyeali Onyeberechi then began working at Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc. Onyeali Onyeberechi worked as a technical writer, publications writer, and editor. In that role, he developed source materials and consulted with engineers and technical staff on various projects. Onyeali Onyeberechi wrote technical documents and manuals in addition to contributing to the development the company’s organizational goals and procedures. Onyeali Onyeberechi’s outstanding work earned him multiple Bronze Bravo Awards during his time at Honeywell.

Onyeali Onyeberechi is currently working with Onyeberechi Education Services, a company he founded in 2001. In this role, he works with middle school students to improve their grades, increase their test scores, and develop their confidence.

Onyeali Onyeberechi participates in volunteer activities and makes donations to The Salvation Army. In his spare time, Onyeali Onyeberechi enjoys weight training, biking, fine dining, and reading.